Our Story

Int3llego was founded by a team of professional entrepreneurs that were inspired by their previous experiences and enthusiasm to unleash their talents to help a wide variety of SMB companies, ranging from restaurants to info products, to overachieve their goals and surpass their potential.

Based out of Georgia, U.S., Int3llego was formed by 5 key members that have worked under an array of corporations and government structures (Nielsen, OMD, and U.S. Army), servicing S&P 500 companies. During the past 10 years, this team was able to strongly impact and influence over 100 clients.


​We are here to provide the best assessment and consultation about your digital campaign. We use digital strategies like Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Advertising, and Online Sales Funnels. We are not successful unless our clients are successful and able to maximize their goals. This is Int3llego’s most important metric of success.


With a very rich and vast work experience, working with CPG companies through hospitality, travel & leisure, and e-commerce, we understand your business and business model. This is how we help you take your company to the next level.


​Most digital marketing agencies are unstructured. We differentiate ourselves by providing our clients with a deeper understanding of the benefits of data science, which is rare amongst our competitors. This makes our agency faster and more effective in delivering results.


​Whether your company wants to increase web traffic, develop and redesign your website, or optimize marketing campaigns, we have the right solution for you!