Restaurant Physical traffic through Social Media 



The restaurant client wanted to increase their physical site traffic by reaching out to more potential customers

The challenge was to increase the digital impressions into real site visits in the restaurant




conversion on Google Local Ad campaigns


efficiency in google maps


cost per visit on facebook

Boosting sales for a clothing retailer 



The retailer wanted to increase sales through using exclusively online campaigns in their e-commerce.


Revenue Increase




CPA (cost per acquisition)



How we did it

A very thorough and deep analysis was taken about behaviors, interests, tastes of existing shoppers of this retailer. We created three segments or audiences with their own attributes. Ensuring that each segment was different among others.

Then we defined a strategy of personal content for each segment linked to the channels that each segment are used to consumed (RRSS, google search, and youtube)


Adjusting the message and products for each segment, it was possible to derive the results that the client was looking for.